Carlye Archibeque, Hollywood, CA

I am helpless to stop myself from writing and organizing. After having been involved in so many indy magazines, most of which I wrote reviews for or was the reviews editor, I got tired of having my heart broken every time the zine went belly up. So I’ve come to the internet where space is relative and publishing costs are low, (due mostly to the talent and generosity of Jason and Brett from I hope to provide fans of cult and indy music, film, and books a place where they can come to find out what’s new and interesting.

Joy Calderwood, Portland, OR

My idea about movie reviewing is that potential audiences want to know what the viewing experience is like, not how the movie fits into a body of work. I like to transmit the experience of the art, whatever it may be.

David Cooper, El Segundo, CA

In between carrying out demonic sacrifices and spending an unhealthy amount of time with animals, he surfs the web for hidden jewels of knowledge, which he promptly auctions off on Ebay to the highest bidder. He is also known for his generally cynical and bitter attitude, which he attributes to having reviewed too many poetry chapbooks over the years.

Brett Davidson, Los Angeles, CA

Web geek and lover of delicious candy, Brett writes reviews mostly when he feels like it and mostly for stuff he likes – although it’s often fun to turn him loose on some piece of crap that really sucks. His tastes tend toward the jam bands and party sounds of Dave Matthews Band, Gov’t Mule and Santana, and he is co-owner of the website.

Erica Erdman, El Segundo, CA

Lives with her cats. Works for Federal Express. Has a book out, The Apocalyptic Kid on Sacred Beverage Press, and is working on her second collection which will be published by The Inevitable Press. Illustrates. Reviews books and other things, upon request. She is fond of good comic art and anime as well as a snidely turned phrase.

Amélie Frank, Van Nuys, CA

Works for the mouse by day and is the founder of Sacred Beverage Press at all other times. Sits on the Board of Directors for Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center and is a Director of the Valley Contemporary Poets reading series. She has an appreciation for all honest art as well as disco.

Ralph Haselmann, Jr., Clinton, NJ

Ralph edited and published Lucid Moon poetry magazine from 1997-2000, were he published many famous as well as up and coming writers each month. The magazine is on indefinite hiatus but the web site is thriving at . Ralph was named Editor Of The Year in 1997 by Cedar Hill Review, who called him the hardest working editor in the small press. He has had 14 broadsides published and has had over 300 poems published in over 50 magazines. Ralph also writes poetry book reviews for four web sites including the prestigious Exquisite Corpse. Ralph’s first two poetry books, Wounded Heart, Naked Soul and Scattershot Haze are due in April 2001. And the Beat goes on·.

Jane Hinde, Seattle, WA

Jane prefers to remain anonymous in her personal life. As for her review style, she likes work that breaks out of the mainstream and pushes the reader to examine their own sensibilities and beliefs. Her favorite authors are William Gibson and Ann Rice; music favorites include Elvis Costello & AC/DC; and her favorite films include “Gone With the Wind” and “Full Metal Jacket”.

Victor Infante, Boston, MA

He is a poet, writer and recovering anarchist living in Orange County, who has written everything from poetry to fiction to political journalism to rock criticism to theoretical literary essays. He is currently a regular contributor to the OC Weekly and is the former Managing Editor for Next… Magazine. His writing has appeared in such diverse periodicals as The OC Register, The San Antonio Current, Worcester Magazine, the Boston Poet, Local Concierge and numerous poetry journals. Generally, he likes anything as long as it’s good and sincere. Favorite musicians (at the moment) include: Talking Heads, The Jam, Tori Amos, The Clear, Bad Religion, Gustav Mahler & Dar Williams; favorite major poets (at the moment) include W.H. Auden, Thomas Lux, T.S. Eliot, Patricia Smith and Carolyn Forche. Hates all politicians. Loves all liquor.

Bill Lopez, Monterey Park, CA

Why scribble for this site? It’s something I enjoy. If a reader can glean some interesting info, if the reader is moved in some fashion (hatred, disgust, shock), then I’ve done my job. I love all kinds of music so my plan is to dip into the genre pool and see what treasures I can find. Sometimes I’ll veer towards the mainstream, and other times, I’ll try to go as far afield as possible.

Richard Modiano, Sherman Oaks, CA

Very zen.

Michael Paul, Costa Mesa, CA

Although a card-carrying Luddite, Michael Paul toils by day constructing on-ramps and off-ramps for the information super-highway. Even though he dresses like a ranch hand, he has never spoken an unkind word to a cow, much less punched one. Although he is a poet, painter, and occasional percussionist, he never-the-less finds time to scribble criticism for this webzine.

Carlos “Cake” Nunez, Hollywood, CA

Cake is a regular rock n’ roll writer as his collection of over 1,000 albums will attest.

Marc Olmsted, San Francisco, CA

Buddhist, elder statesman, voice of cyber-porn, Marc Olmsted loves old movies and new ideas.

Jack Sanderson, Hollywood, CA

Convinced there is a better life somewhere and a better way to live, Jack is forever searching for those things in books. He is especially entertained by stories about lives, societies and religions gone awry. Between books he watches almost any movie and works as a freelance writer and practicing thespian.

Sage de Tejas, Comfort, TX

Sage is an endangered Texas Democrat who counts among her passions Texas music, rock en español, muscle cars, tattooing, cycling, and True Crime. She shares her world with Malamutes, bicycles, and her husband Angel Spoons (in that order). While she enjoys offending Republican conservatives, she also enjoys working for Kinky Friedman, former frontman of the Texas Jewboys. She would also like to say “sorry about the whole Dubya thing”.

G. Murray Thomas, Long Beach, CA

G. Murray Thomas edited and published Next… Magazine, a poetry news magazine for Southern California, from 1994 to 1998. He is much happier just writing reviews for someone else. He is also a poet, and has performed throughout SoCal. His writings have appeared in numerous small magazines, including Sic, Skratch, Panik, Caffeine, Lummox Journal, Pearl and Chiron Review.

Scott Wannberg, Mar Vista, CA

Scott Wannberg is the living embodiment of the post hypnotic funk boogie. Writer, poet, improv actor and all around fabulous human being Wannberg was a member of the inthemoment poetry troupe The Carma Bums and is currently a member of the staff at Dutton’s Brentwood.

Robert Wynne, Fort Worth, TX

Robert Wynne holds an MFA in Poetry from Antioch University. He is the author of 3 chapbooks, and his work has appeared in numerous magazines throughout the United States. He is co-founder and co-editor of Cider Press Review, an annual poetry anthology. By day, he is a mild-mannered Supply Chain Manager (?), but by night, he leaps tall words with a pogo stick and dreams of having super powers.