Letters To The Editor


Please pass on the following to Amelie Frank:

1) Brava! for your intelligent, insightful review of Petula Clark’s “From Downtown to Sunset Boulevard”. It’s great to find a critic who understands and appreciates her as much as we fans (including the late GlennGould!) do…
2) Petula Clark recorded two very different interpretations of LLoyd Webber’s “Memory”. The earlier one can be found on the CD “Magic from the Musicals” (Musical Collection International, catalog #MCCD, 1991); the more recent – and far more dramatic – one is on “Where The Heart Is” (Connoisseur Collection Ltd., catalog #VSOP CD249, 1998). Both are still readily available for sale in the U.S.

Tom Rizzo


Dear Editors…

Want to tip my hat to G. Murray Thomas for his on-the-money review of my spoken-word CD, RUG BURN (April 2000 issue). He’s the first reviewer to date who got the message. The review got forwarded to me by a friend, which led me to your site, which was a wonderful find. I’ll visit you often and put a link on my VAGABOND PRESS web site: http://www.eburg.com/~vagabond.


John Bennett



The reason I’m writing is I just read that rant/letiter from the editor in your May issue. Are you FROM L.A.? I am. And I hate it. Yes, I love many things about it (sand to snow in 2 hours) loads of clubs to see bands, pan-ethnic food on every block… but it’s the trivial things that irk the shit out of me. Miyagis. Dublins. That Cowboy ranch bar down the block from them. The shitty, shitty drivers who are either too pompous or aloof to drive considerately. And the thing is, it’s not the fault of anyone >From Los Angeles. All those things are wrought on by the beautiful people… people too beautiful to squander their beauty on the fair people of poughkeepsie or scranton or topeka. The cell phone culture aggravates me, & no where is it more prevalent than right here (although, I nearly commited homocide when, on a road trip through Utah over New Year’s break, Cara & I hiked to Delicate Arch in Arches N.P., & there was a business man whose cell phone got too good reception & ruined the entire experience of witnessing that natural phenomenon by discussing some deal. And his poor kids!)

   It’s having a metro system put in for no one to use. It’s having permit parking on every block to deny taxpayers parking on their own streets (meaning, how could one street belong to a couple people, & not 3 million others?). It’s having latte shakes cost more than I want to spend on a meal. it’s seeing an entire bldg become a giant ad plus some truck driving around doing nothing by displaying another ad. Meet me at one of those trendy bars or any of the gazillion Starbucks that pervade our daily routine, then extol the virtues of the Huntington Library or an annual literary event.



Yo cyber-chica:

Well done and nice job. I am very fond of the newsprint look of the site, and the reviews and interviews were indeed newsworthy.

Stay cool whip,

Casey Arrillaga


Nice Site! I’ll list it in my next issue of the Lummox Journal if you don’t object. Good luck to you on this project. It’s very important to be able to review without consequence — not always an easy task. I hope you’ll be reviewing poetry chaps/books that are published by Small/Micro Presses like Lummox. I’ve subscribed to your newsletter & look forward to receiving it.

RD —

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Congratulations, Carlye….

looks very professional, great articles, and a visible mindset. Donn and I both wish you all the best (he says that the typeface is a little small for us older folks to read, but he, as well as I, love the layout).


Heather Long